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Executive Summary

The Standing Committee held its 46th meeting in Strasbourg on 30 November – 2 December 2004.

During this meeting, it adopted the revised recommendation concerning pigs, which replaces the recommendation adopted on 21 November 1986, and which will enter into force six months after the date of its adoption.

The T-AP also adopted the triennal report to the Committee of Ministers, pursuant to the obligation set out in Article 13 of the European Convention for the protection of animals kept for farming purposes.

The Committee finalised the draft recommendation concerning farmed fish, whose adoption should be in the agenda of the 47th meeting of T-AP.

It was informed by a delegation of the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) about the ongoing analysis concerning space allowances and enrichment structures, which should be available for the next meeting of the Committee.

Finally, and pursuant to the decision to revise Article 4 of its rules of procedure, the Committee elected the two additional members of the Bureau.