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Alien 93
Cartoon book
Cartoon guide
Education Pack
Passport against intolerance

For a campaign to be effective it needs more than posters and T-shirts. Together with the support of pilot projects and the organisation of training courses, a large effort was made by all the partners of the European Youth Campaign to produce support materials.

The crucial importance of educational materials had already been recognised by the youth organisations cooperating with the European Youth Centre when they decided to publish «Alien 93» in time for the Vienna Summit. Young people are often their own best educators and this concept of peer education can be successful in fighting racism and intolerance as is shown in the manual «DOmino». Tools for intercultural education in informal settings are provided in the «Education Pack». Importantly, such publications benefited from the input of knowledge and experience of educators from different countries - this meant that the materials could be adapted for use across Europe and beyond.

One interesting idea that the campaign adapted itself was the Passport Against Intolerance, first published by France-Libertés - Fondation Danielle Mitterrand.

Images are useful in promoting tolerance because they encourage people to compare their differing interpretations, opening themselves to other points of view. The "all different - all equal" cartoon book was distributed widely during the campaign and an evaluation was made of its use. This led to the production of a short guide to give educators tips on exploiting cartoon books as starting points for working with young people on responses to intolerance.

Videos were made of the highlights of the campaign and the Europe-wide competition for anti-racist videos resulted in some powerful images for broadcast.