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  Bureau member from January 1998 to December 1999
Bureau member from January 2004 to December 2007
Vice-Chair from January 2008 to December 2009


1964: Law Degree, University of Coimbra Law School.

1965: Postgraduate Course in Law Sciences (July 28, 1965), University of Coimbra Law School.

Dissertation “Obrigação Alimentar após o Divórcio”.

Professional activity

1965-1972: After concluding the Post-Graduation Course in Law Sciences with honours, was appointed Deputy Attorney.

1972-1976: Application for Judge.

1976-1998: Appointed Deputy Attorney-General.

1998-2003: Judge of the Supreme Court of Justice.

2003: Retired as Judge of the Supreme Court of Justice, ”jubilado”.

Other activities

1. In parallel with the activities as a member of the Consultative Council and as an Attorney-General, I was active both at the national and at the international levels:

a) In Portugal, I took part in numerous legislative processes, namely in the area of penal legislation and in the area of anti-drug legislation.

b) At the International level particularly within the Council of Europe, I was a member of several Committees.

c) Conventions and Treaties, I was appointed to negotiate extradition treaties, mutual assistance in criminal matters and transfer of sentenced persons with Repüblica Federativa do Brasil, Canada, Tunisia and Australia.

d) Member and President of the Consultative Committee for Refugees.

2. As a member of the European Commission against Racism and Intolerance (ECRI), since its foundation, I was actively involved in the activities this organism has organized, such as seminars and round-tables:


- Post-graduation thesis, “Obrigação Alimentar após o Divórcio”, Coimbra 1964;

- Legal Opinions (as member of the Consultative Council of the Attorney-General) published in the Official Journal of the Portuguese Republic and in Boletim do Ministério da Justiça;

- “Notas sobre os crimes sexuais no Projecto de Revisäo do Código Penal de 1982 “, in Revista Portuguesa de Ciência Criminal, ano 30, 1°, January/March;

- “Regime dos Recursos do Ministério Público para o Tribunal Constitucional “, in Revista Portuguesa do Ministério Público, ano 7°, 1986, July/September;

- "Estupro e Violação — Ontem e Hoje “, in Jornadas de Direito Criminal - Revisão do Código Penal, II vol.;

- “Extradição — Pena de morte e prisão perpétua“;

- “El racismo y la discriminacion en el Portugal de hoy “, in Sociedade y Utopia, Revista de Ciencias Sociales, November 2000;

- Article about the Portuguese Legislation against racism, in Revue de Droits de I‘Homme, Brussels.