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La CEPEJ dcerne le Prix Balance de Cristal 2014 au Conseil gnral des barreaux espagnols pour le projet concernant laide judiciaire en ligne : de meilleures solutions pour les citoyens [en franais et anglais / en espagnol] (16 octobre 2014)


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For a long time now, a basic consensus has existed in Spain on the need for a modernising boost to our justice system. The idea is to bring in structural changes in the organisation and operation of their courts of law. These changes would enable the courts to reap full advantage of being endowed with more resources leading to greater efficiency. As from 1st January 2010, that qualitative change in the structure of justice cames about with the implementation of the new judicial office model, a key element for meeting public demand for a justice system that is flexible, modern and efficient. The Act on procedural reform that has created the new judicial office was unanimously approved, and this is a particularly important and significant fact because such a broad, solid support guarantees the stability and success of such a transformation of major importance in the day-to-day running of the Administration of Justice (more).

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