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National Correspondent
João Arsénio DE OLIVEIRA
Head of Department
International Affairs Department
Directorate-General for Justice Policy
Ministry of Justice
Av. D. João II, n.º 1.08.01 E, Torre H, Pisos 2/3
1990-097 Lisboa, Portugal
+351 217 924 030
+351 217 924 090
Legal Adviser
Cabinet des relations internationales
Direction Générale de la politique de la justice
Minsitère de la Justice
Av. D. João II, lote 1.08.01E
Torre H, pisos 2/3
1990-097 LISBON
+351 217 924 030
+351 217 924 090
Member of the Lisbon Network


Pilot Court

Alexandre COELHO
International Department
Centre for Judicial Studies
+ 351 21 884 56 70
+ 351 21 884 56 04


Tribunal de Comarca de Coimbra
Palácio da Justiça – Rua da Sofia, 3004-502 Coimbra
(+351) 239 096 605



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Recent developments in the judicial field

CEPEJ report on the dematerialization of judicial procedures and the use of information and communication technologies (ICT) in Courts - Portugal - June 2009

The Portuguese Ministry of Justice asked the Commission for the Efficiency of Justice of the Council of Europe (CEPEJ) to assess the recent policies undertaken to improve “procedural flows and judicial backlogs”. This report, dated September 2009, is mainly based on the documents provided for by the Portuguese Ministry of Justice and a three-day fact finding mission in Lisbon (February 25-27, 2009), in which CEPEJ experts exchanged information with executives of the Ministry of Justice, judges, and lawyers.

New legislation has been introduced in the administrative and fiscal sectors. New civil procedural provisions are being trialled in some courts. The appeal procedures are being reformed and a new institutional act on the Ministry of Justice is being drafted.

Organisational chart of the system of justice