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  Country profile: LUXEMBOURG

CEPEJ Member


National Correspondent

Jeannot NIES
Procureur général d'Etat adjoint
Parquet général du Grand-duché de Luxembourg
Cité Judiciaire
L - 2080 Luxembourg
+352 47 59 81 – 335
+352 47 05 50




Laurent THYES
Attaché de Gouvernement
Ministère de la justice
Centre administratif Pierre Werner
13, rue Erasme

+352 247 88529
+352 22 52 96


Service Statistique de la Justice
Cité Judiciaire
L-2080 Luxembourg
Tél. (+352) 475981-840


Member of the Lisbon Network


Pilot Court



Justice de Paix de Luxembourg
Mme Brigitte KONZ
Juge directrice


Evaluation Exercise

LUXEMBOURG: Evaluation exercise - 2016 Edition

LUXEMBOURG: Evaluation exercise - 2014 Edition

LUXEMBOURG: Evaluation exercise - 2012 Edition

Study of 16 comparable countries (by Jean-Paul JEAN, President of the GT-EVAL working group) / 11/2010 [fr]

LUXEMBOURG: Evaluation exercise - 2010 Edition

LUXEMBOURG: Evaluation exercise - 2008 Edition

LUXEMBOURG: Evaluation exercise - 2006 Edition

LUXEMBOURG: Pilot scheme

Translations of CEPEJ documents (if available):




European Day of Civil Justice on 15 October 2013 in Luxembourg [fr]

Euromed Justice II: "Quality of Justice" - Luxemburg, 15-17 June 2010: Evaluating the quality of justice - CEPEJ's work (in Frech)

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Ministry of justice

Legilux : Portail juridique du Gouvernement du Grand-Duché de Luxembourg




Legal texts (Codes, laws, regulations etc.)

Case-law of the higher court/s

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Recent developments in the judicial field

A national conference on the justice system has been instituted by the Minister of Justice with a view to identifying existing problems and proposing reforms. 

Organisational chart of the system of justice