The European Commission for the Efficiency of Justice

A word from the President

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

When CEPEJ started more than a decade ago to improve efficiency of justice we had Evaluation Reports in mind, followed by developing tools and methods to identify gaps and needs of judiciary. But learning from the past is not giving answers for tomorrow at all: so I would like to see our understanding, models and methods developed further, providing court presidents, stakeholders and managers an early understanding of what’s going on, before systems get out of trim.

Timeliness will always be an ongoing demand to serve Art. 6 ECHR and the increasing expectations of parties and society as well. New techniques and innovative solutions are around to help to improve further, but it needs our expertise to give an idea of proper time-frames, their monitoring and their limits to ensure justice properly done.

But all these quantitative approaches have to be balanced by the quality of judiciary. It is even more important, if resources are cut, to be aware of the impact on quality. The ongoing development of quality criteria, measures, tools and even indicators to some extend are therefore a priority to highlight effects of politics and draw limits at the judge’s independent desk.

During the former Presidencies and due to the excellent commitment of all members and experts, CEPEJ, our work and knowledge got widespread among the judicial community, politicians and institutions, interested to cooperate and share ideas with us. We are requested to cooperate in projects to improve judiciary in a win-win scenario of anybody involved.

We should continue in this sprit making CEPEJ what it always was best and is standing for: a friendly and dynamic market place of best-practises of judicial professionals having one thing in common: improving the quality and efficiency of our judiciary to strengthen the court users’ trust and confidence.

Once we have started to share problems, let’s go on to share solutions!


Georg Stawa, President of the CEPEJ



The Bureau

Georg Stawa
Member of the Bureau (Austria) since January 2009 and President of the CEPEJ since January 2015


Ramin Gurbanov

Member of the Bureau (Azerbaïdjan) since January 2015

Vice-President of the CEPEJ since 1st July 2016


Ivana Borzova

Member of the Bureau (Czech Republic) since January 2015


Noel Rubotham
Member of the Bureau (Ireland) since 1st July 2016

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