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The CEPEJ Newsletter is an electronic newsletter concerning the activities and priorities of the CEPEJ and the progress of the activity programmes in the field of efficiency of justice in the 47 Member-States of the Council of Europe.

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15th CEPEJ Newsletter (April 2017)

   File: Impact of the publication of the report "European judicial systems - Efficiency and quality of justice" 

14th CEPEJ Newsletter (December 2015)

    File: The impact of technological tools on the effectiveness and quality of the justice system

13th CEPEJ Newsletter (April 2015)

   File: CEPEJ guidelines on the organisation and accessibility of court premises 

12th CEPEJ Newsletter (January 2014)

  File: CEPEJ co-operation activities in the framework of the joint programmes "Strengthening democratic reform in the southern Neighbourhood" (Morocco and Tunisia) and “Support to the Jordanian authorities in improving the quality and efficiency of the Jordanian justice system” financed by the European Union and implemented by the Council of Europe  

11th  CEPEJ Newsletter (May 2013)

  File: Impact of the publication of the 2012 evaluation report of European judicial systems

10th Newsletter of the CEPEJ (July 2012)

   File: Coaching programmes for European Courts 

9th Newsletter of the CEPEJ (November 2011)

    File: Measuring the quality of justice : ascertainment of users' expectations

8th Newsletter of the CEPEJ (April 2011)

    File: Dematerialization of judicial processes

7th Newsletter of the CEPEJ (December 2010)

    File: The consequences of the economic and financial crisis on the functionning of judicial systems

6th Newsletter of the CEPEJ (March 2010)

    File: Measuring performance of judicial systems and courts

5th Newsletter of the CEPEJ (November 2009)

    File: Judicial data

4th Newsletter of the CEPEJ (December 2008)

    File: Report on European judicial systems - 2008 Edition

3rd Newsletter of the CEPEJ (July 2008)

    File:  Timeframes of proceedings

2nd Newsletter of the CEPEJ (December 2007)

    Files: 5th anniversary of the CEPEJ - Impact of the evaluation report on judicial systems

1st Newsletter of the CEPEJ (May 2007)

    File: Quality of Justice