The European Commission for the Efficiency of Justice

    Strasbourg, 25 September 2013




    8th Plenary Meeting
    Strasbourg, Agora building
    26 September 2013


    Chairperson: John STACEY, President of the CEPEJ

    1. Opening of the meeting

    2. Activity of the CEPEJ: main achievements and priorities
    Introduction by Stéphane LEYENBERGER,Secretary of the CEPEJ

    Reference documents
    Activity Programme

    Guidelines on the creation of judicial maps to support access to justice within a quality judicial system

    Length of court proceedings in the member states of the Council of Europe
    based on the case law of the European Court of Human Rights

    Results of the 2012 Prize « Crystal Scales of Justice »

    3. Information by the Pilot courts

Pilot courts are invited to inform the group of any relevant reform or initiative undertaken by the court (best practice, for instance) and which might be of interest for the other pilot courts.

    4. Measuring the quality of justice
    Rapporteur: Stéphane LEYENBERGER, Secretary of the CEPEJ

    § Introduction to and discussion of the draft document prepared by the CEPEJ-GT-QUAL

    Working document
    “Draft: Measuring the Quality of Judicial Services - CEPEJ Guidelines for quality measurement”

    5. Organising court premises: contribution to the drafting of Guidelines
    Rapporteur : Roberto CHENAL, Secretariat of the CEPEJ

    § Synthesis of the responses to the questionnaire
    § Discussion

    Working documents

      Questionnaire for collecting information on the organisation and accessibility of court premises

      Synthesis of the responses to the questionnaire by the pilot courts


    6. Judicial time management: implementation of the Strategic plan for the SATURN Centre
    Rapporteur: Jacques BÜHLER, Chair of the Steering Group of the SATURN Centre of the CEPEJ

    § Collection of data on timeframes of civil, criminal and administrative proceedings from the CEPEJ pilot courts in member States

        - Evaluation of the quality of the data collected and comparison with national data
        - Implementation of the new version of the questionnaire and its explanatory note
        - Continuation of the data collection

Working documents

        Draft revised Guidelines for Judicial time management

      SATURN Guidelines for judicial time management - Comments and implementation examples


    § Definition of targets for judicial timeframes

        - Presentation of results of questionnaires sent to pilot courts and national correspondents

        - Examination of a document on standard timeframes for the duration of proceedings per case category, to be indicated as a volume of cases to be addressed by the court in a given period

    Working document

      Definition of targets for judicial timeframes

    7. Discussion in workshops:

    § Workshop 1 : the role of the judiciary in the current economic environment - "how to spend better" budgetary resources available to the courts

      Moderator : John STACEY, President of the CEPEJ

    § Workshop 2: conducting a satisfaction survey in a court: which precautions?

      Moderator: Hélène JORRY, CEPEJ expert

    § Workshop 3: which best practices to reduce the backlog of old cases?

      Moderator: Jacques BÜHLER, Chair of the Steering Group of the CEPEJ SATURN Centre

    8. Sharing of the workshop findings

    9. Any other business

    10. Conclusions of the meeting

    Reference documents

    Abridged report of the 21th CEPEJ plenary meeting