The European Commission for the Efficiency of Justice

Strasbourg, 17 May 2013



21st plenary meeting - draft agenda

Thursday, 20 June 2013 (9 am) - Friday, 21 June 2013 (6 pm)

Strasbourg - Palais de l’Europe - Room 8

Documents preceded by the following diagram will be submitted for examination by the CEPEJ in view of their adoption

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    1. Opening of the meting

    2. Adoption of the agenda

    3. Information by the President of the CEPEJ and the Secretariat:

          · Committee of Ministers of the Council of Eruope’s decision to grant to Morocco the observer status to the CEPEJ

reference document
1171st meeting, 29 May 2013 - Decisions adopted

    4. Recent developments in the judicial field in the Council of Europe Member states

    Delegations are invited, if they so wish, to inform the CEPEJ on recent significant developments in their countries in the judicial field since December 2012, where appropriate.

    5. How can the CEPEJ tools streamline national judicial reforms? The example of Turkey

      Rapporteur: ISMAIL AKSEL (Turkey)

    6. Innovation in the organisation of judicial systems and involvement of external staff : Presentation of the state of an on-going study

      Rapporteur: Daniela PIANA, Researcher at the Department of political sciences, University of Bologna, Italy

    7. Evaluation of European judicial systems

      Rapporteur: Georg STAWA (Austria), Vice-President of the CEPEJ and member of the CEPEJ-GT-EVAL

      i. Implementation of the 2012 - 2014 evaluation cycle 

      ii. Implementation of the pilot peer evaluation co-operation process

      iii. Cooperation with the European Union within the framework of the “Justice Scoreboard”

      iv. Specific co-operation with non-CoE member states

        § Examination of the proposal from Israel to participate in the next evaluation cycle
        § Co-operation with OECD
        § Other co-operation

working documents
Revised Scheme for evaluating judicial system

Revised Explanatory note to the Scheme

Report of the 22nd meeting of the CEPEJ-GT-EVAL
(under preparation)

“European Union Justice Scoreboard” by the European Commission

Proposal from the European Commission for a
co-operation with the CEPEJ to support the EU Justice Scoreboard

    8. Quality of justice (CEPEJ-GT-QUAL): information on the on-going activities

      Rapporteur: Fabio BARTOLOMEO (Italy), Member of the CEPEJ-GT-QUAL

Working documents
Guidelines for the reform of judicial maps

Report of the 13th meeting of the CEPEJ-GT-QUAL

    9. SATURN Centre on judicial time management: information on the on-going activities
    Rapporteur: Jacques BÜHLER (Switzerland), Chair of the Steering group of the SATURN Centre

        · Examination of the documents to verify the data which figures in the report “Council of Europe Member States on Appeal and Supreme Courts’ Lengths of Proceedings”

Working documents

    Report of the 13th meeting of the CEPEJ-SATURN

      Council of Europe Member States on Appeal and Supreme Courts' Lengths of Proceedings
      Country sheets

    10. CEPEJ co-operation programmes

      i. Joint programme with the European Union for Court Management in Turkey – implementation of the SATURN tools

        Rapporteur: Ivana BORZOVA (Czech Republic)

      ii. Joint programme with the European Union with Morocco and Tunisia (“South programme”)

        Rapporteurs: Jacques BÜHLER (Switzerland) and Secretariat

      iii. Efficiency of justice in the countries of the Eastern Partnership
      Rapporteur: Frans Van DER DOELEN (Netherlands)

      iv. Perspectives for further co-operation

    11. Relations between the CEPEJ and the other bodies of the Council of Europe

      i. Consultative Council of European Judges (CCJE)

      ii. Consultative Council of European Prosecutors (CCPE)

      iii. European Committee on Legal Cooperation (CDCJ)

        · Possible revision of a number of recommendations

    working document
    Proposed amendments to some recommendations - Comparative table prepared by the Secretariat

      iv. European Committee on Crime Problems (CDPC)

      v. Steering Committee for Human Rights (CDDH)

    12. Other co-operation with the European Union

      i. Last developments within the European Union in the judicial field

        Rapporteurs: Noel RUBOTHAM (Ireland) and Laima GARNELIENE (Lithuania) on behalf of the outgoing and incoming presidencies of the European Union

    Reference document

      Recent significant developments in Lithuania in the judicial field since December 2012

      ii. European Day of Justice (Secretariat)

    13. Observers to the CEPEJ

    Organisations who have been granted observer status with the CEPEJ are entitled, if they wish, to make an oral presentation of their current activities relevant to the CEPEJ and/or submit a written information to the Secretariat which could be distributed during the meeting.

    14. Any other business

    general background documents
    Abridged Report of the 20th plenary meeting of the CEPEJ

    CEPEJ Activity Programme 2012 - 2013

    CEPEJ Medium term activity programme