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Revue française d'administration publique N°125 : une administration pour la justice

Contents and abstracts of the articles


UniDem Campus Seminar organised by the Venice Commission
Trieste (Italy), 25-28 February 2008

"The implementation of the case-law of the European Court of Human Rights in Council of Europe member States: the impact on structural and legal reforms. Given example: remedies against the excessive length of the proceedings."

Presentation by Pim ALBERS, special advisor of the CEPEJ


Seminar "The Foundations of an Accountable, Accessible and Efficient Judiciary" organised by the Interuniversity Center of Dubrovnik and the faculties of law of the universities of Maastricht and Zagreb

Dubrovnik (Croatia), 19-23 May 2008

On the occasion of this seminar the book "Civil justice between efficiency and quality: from Ius Commune to the CEPEJ" was presented. A contribution on a chapter on quality assessment in courts, drafted by Pim Albers, the special advisor will be available in the next book of the organisers of the seminar (expected in the Spring of 2009).


Conference organised by the Australian Institute for Administration of Justice (AIJA)

Sydney (Australia), 20-23 September 2008

Presentation was held on "quality initiatives in Europe". During the conference the global Framework of Court Excellence has been launched. This quality assessment tool for courts was developped by a Consortium with the assistance of the CEPEJ, Spring Singapore and the World Bank.


Sofia (Bulgaria), 7 October 2008

Presentation of the main outcomes of the second evaluation report on judicial systems.

At this meeting the World Bank report resourcing for the judiciary was presented to the media.


 Les systèmes judiciaires européens à nouveau analysés dans le rapport 2008 du Conseil de l'Europe (Frenchn only)

Article of the "Conseil national des Barreaux", 9 October 2008


Working group Quality of the European Network for Councils for the Judiciary (ENCJ)

Copenhagen (Denmark), 9-10 October 2008

Presentation of "court quality systems inside and outside Europe"


Colloque "Echevinage et justice économique"
Amphithéâtre de la MISHA (Maison Interuniversitaire des Sciences de l’Homme – Alsace), 10 October 2008

Regards du Conseil de l’Europe by Stéphane LEYENBERGER, Secretary to the CEPEJ, Council of Europe


Meeting of the Network of pilot-courts

Catania (Italy), 24 October 2008

Presentation "quality initiatives in Europe" at the CEPEJ .


27 October 2008

Presentation of the CEPEJ-2008 evaluation report on European Judicial systems in The Hague, The Netherlands for representatives of the Dutch ministry of Justice and the Council for the Judicary


25 November 2008

Web/videoconferencing presentation "CEPEJ evaluation 2008 and a regional comparison of Balkan countries" (Strasbourg (France), Washington DC (USA), Brussels (Belgium), Skopje (Montenegro) and Belgrade (Serbia) this as a part of the World Bank Multi-donor Trustfund Learning Event for Serbia.


Seminar at La Trobe University with the IUEU Centre and the Centre for Dialogue
La Trobe University (Australia), 25 November 2008
Presentation by Prof. Jon T. Johnsen, IUEU Centre Distinguished Research Fellow on "The role of the Council of Europe's Commission on the Efficiency Justice (CEPEJ) in the integration of human rights in Europe"


Croatia, 15 December 2008

Web/videoconference presentation "CEPEJ evaluation 2008 and a regional comparison of Balkan countries for the World Bank Multi-Donor Trustfund Learning Event"