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European Day on Civil Justice in Azerbaijan (25 October 2007)

Member State or national or international body :
NGO "Struggle Against Bribery" (SAB) of Azerbaijan

Activity(ies) envisaged :
The NGO "Struggle Against a Bribe" basically deals with problems:
1. Maintenance of publicity in a society;
2. Preparation of offers to the state about creation of stimulus for liquidation of corruption in republics;
3. Protection of the rights of people of victims of corruption.

Date(s) :
Adress: AZ3800. Azerbaijan Republic, 34, Kazimaqhomed street, Qusar town.
Office Telephone: (+994)138 54047: (+994)050 4752113.
E-mail: arqmib1989@mail.ru

Aims :
1. Creation of information network, fixing the negative phenomena of bribery in legislative, executive and judicial bodies;
2. Investigation of mechanism of formation of corruption system;
3. Discussion of algorithm for liquidation of corruption systemю.

Publicity envisaged:
NGO SAB has prepared a number of offers for liquidation of corruption system and have precise algorithm of its realisation.
Conclusions made on the basis of the processed objective information:
1. The mechanisms of corruption of system of the former USSR operate in both states ;
2. The authority was seized by antidemocratic ways. Therefore:
А) Democracy is violently limited, illegal methods suppress people, including democratic press
Б) Procedure of formation of the elective commissions is forged, then on these results of the elections was formed the state system.
В) People, who exposed illegal actions of corresponding state structures of corruption, are pursued.
For achievement of this purpose is necessary:
1. To protect rights of pursued people;
2. To form democratic authority, on the basis of democratic elections. For this purpose:
А) With the help of the influential international organizations to provide democratic character of formation of the elective commissions and process of elections;
Б) To create the mechanism of optimum influence of the United Nations, the Council of Europe and other international organizations upon corrupt state structures.
The report was prepared by authorized representative of the NGO SAB: H.M.Mamadov.


About the measures undertaken in the Republic of Azerbaijan concerning the celebration of “European Day of Civil Justice”

The plan of measures has been prepared and fulfilled in Azerbaijan due to annual celebration of “European Day of Civil Justice” on October 25 by common initiative of Council of Europe and European Commission.

So, on October 25 the day of “open door” has been proclaimed in all courts of Azerbaijan. This day courts’ staff gave explanation and advices to citizens on raised problems concerning the court activity.

Besides that experienced judges held trainings for employees in the Supreme Court and the Ministry of Justice as well as seminars in courts for courts’ staff.

This day the lectures on implementation of civil justice has been delivered to the 102 applicants to the vacant position of judge, who are attracted to the long-term training.

At the same time “on line forum” has been carried out by the Supreme Court and the questions of citizens concerning the protection and providing of human rights and freedoms as well as court activity have been answered by the judges of the Supreme Court.

The certain information concerning the “European Day of Civil Justice” has been placed in site pages of Supreme Court (www.supremecourt.gov.az), Judicial-Legal Council (www.judicialcouncil.gov.az) and Ministry of Justice (www.justice.gov.az) of Azerbaijan.

Besides that on October 25 was the presentation of the site page (www.bakueconomiccourtl.az) of newly established Local Economic Court N 1 of Baku City. The information on implementation of rights of citizens, legislation database and etc. have been placed at this site page.

The information on mentioned measures has been announced in mass media. On October 25 the members of Committee on Selection of Judges, members of Judicial-Legal Council and judges of highest courts spoke on different TV channels concerning the significance and purposes of “European Day of Civil Justice” and answered the questions of citizens on implementation of civil rights.

Along with abovementioned, on the eve of “European Day of Civil Justice” the subjects on civil justice have been studied to young lawyers during the courses on the topic “Local and international means for securing of human rights” which are organised by the Judicial-Legal Council. Two days training for judges have been organized in the regions of Azerbaijan together with the German Technical Co-operation Society (GTZ) on the topic of civil justice.