The European Commission for the Efficiency of Justice

European Day on Civil Justice in Cyprus (25 October 2007)

There will be an official opening in the Internet of the website of the Supreme Court ( which has been prepared by a group of Judges specialising in the matter. The website will contain material information concerning the Cyprus Courts, their practice and jurisdictions, a short curriculum vitae of the judges of the Supreme Court, all the decisions of the Supreme Court and any other legal information or presentation related to the legal science.

The Committee of Judges of the Supreme Court which was entrusted with the drafting of the new Rules of the Supreme Court will present its draft of the Rules, copies of which will be delivered on that day to the Supreme Court, the Cyprus Bar Association and the Attorney General, for an exchange of views on its contents.

The Cyprus Bar Association and the media will be invited at the above events which will take place in the annex of the Supreme Court which will be inaugurated on that day and the use of which is intended to be not only for legal events but also for any cultural events.

The special Hall for lectures and other cultural events of the Supreme Court in the annex to the building of the Supreme Court will be inaugurated on that day and will be open to the public.

There will be a press conference open to all media.

There will be the announcement of the publication of a book by three junior members of the bar under the title “Education of the Citizen” which will be circulated soon and in respect of which efforts will be made by the Supreme Court to be included in the curriculum of the Secondary Schools of Education for enlightening students about legal norms, the methods of administration of justice, access to justice, the legal rights of the citizens etc.

Further, the Supreme Court will request the Cyprus Bar Association to take some initiatives for the celebration of that day, including a suggestion by the President of the Supreme Court that free legal aid be provided on the occasion by the Cyprus Bar Association in respect of any Civil actions filed by plaintiffs or appearances for defendants the subject matter of which will not be exceeding 3000 euros.