The European Commission for the Efficiency of Justice

Exploitation of the report of the CEPEJ: call for projects

On 8 October 2008, the CEPEJ published its report on "European judicial systems – Edition 2008" and decided to pursue the analysis of the facts and figures thus presented, to understand the functioning of justice systems, define common indicators to evaluate the functioning of justice systems, identify main trends and difficulties and orient the public policies of justice towards more quality and efficiency.

In making its unique database available for use to researchers wishing to benefit from its official scientific support, the CEPEJ invites the European scientific community to work on 3 specific studies.

The CEPEJ will also study other proposals of projects aiming at analysing the results presented in its report. The studies retained by the CEPEJ will be published within the framework of the series "the Studies of the CEPEJ" - ISSN 1999-334X.

- Protocol for exploitation of the report
- Issues to be studied
- "Studies of the CEPEJ"