Commission européenne pour l'efficacité de la justice

Journée européenne de la justice civile (JEJC)

25 octobre 2010



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Event for the pupils in order to commemorate Day of the Constitution and Day of Civil Justice
„What I know about the judge?”

Location: Regional courts
25 October, 10 am
Duration 2–2,5 hours

Participants: Groups of pupils together with teachers

Organisers - Communication division of the National Courts Administration of Lithuania
Representatives of the regional courts


Part I. Court room
- Greetings of the chairman of the court
- Presentation „What I know about the judge?“

Part II. Presentation of the court
- Walking around the court and visiting court rooms and offices of judges

Part III. Court room
- Lecture „The Constitution – foundation of the state ruled by law” (history, facts and etc.)
- Competition on the information received from the presentations
- Sum up of the results. The right answers are going to be discussed by chairman
- Award of the winner (The Constitution with the regards from the chairman of the court)
- Photo of schoolchildren with chairman





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