The European Commission for the Efficiency of Justice

European Day of Civil Justice in Cyprus

(a)         A number of the Judges of the District Courts all over Cyprus will deliver speeches to the students of the Third Class of Lyceums (the top classes), after consultation with the Minister of Education as to the selection of the schools in all districts of Cyprus, on the topics of the functioning of Courts, the human rights and corresponding duties of the citizens.

(b)         The President of the District Court of Nicosia will deliver a similar speech to all journalists. An invitation has already be sent to the Union of Journalists.

(c)         On 23.10.2006, within the scope of the celebration of the same event, the President of the Supreme Court will deliver a speech to all members of the Courts of Specialised Jurisdiction, (about 150 in number) on the topic of their contribution in the administration of justice with special reference to the mode of their operation as fixed by the law.

All the above events are undertaken by the Supreme Court of Cyprus in an effort to contribute to the enlightment of the citizens as to the correct functioning of the legal norms of the State.