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Joint programme: "Strengthening the Court Management System in Turkey" (JP COMASYT)

This project, which started for a period of two years on 19 May 2011, has as objective:
- to improve the functioning and efficiency of the judiciary according to European standards;
- to reform the court management system and establish a professional, effective and efficient court management system through dissemination of pilot court management practices and the creation of the functions of court manager and judicial assistant.

The new court management system will be progressively explored in approximatively 20 pilot courts in view of their implementation in the whole country. The level of expected skills of the auxiliary personnel in the pilot courts and in particular of court managers and judicial assistants will be raised. The Inspection Board will support the implementation of the new court management system.

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Exploratory study on the position of: Court President, Court Manager, Judicial Assistant, and Media Spokespersons in selected Council of Europe Member States

Report by Marco Fabri, 18 September 2013
in English / In Turkish [Avrupa Konseyine Üye Develtlerden Örnekler: Mahkeme Baskani, Adliye Müdürü, Adli Yardimici ve Basin Sözcüsu Pozisyonlarina Iliskin Inceleme Caslismasi]




Final COMASYT conference to be held in Ankara 21-22 October 2013

The Council of Europe/European Union Joint Programme on Strengthening the Court Management System in Turkey (JP COMASYT) will conclude with a conference in Ankara from 21 to 22 October 2013 where the results achieved will be reviewed. JP COMASYT introduced and tested new models for increasing the efficiency and the user-friendliness in 21 pilot courthouses. New judicial functions were put in place, and information desks and front offices were installed in the pilot courthouses. Cooperation is also under way on the application of the CEPEJ/SATURN Guidelines on judicial time. This is likely to continue as part of the on-going close co-operation between CEPEJ and Turkey.

Programme of the Conference
Press release

TV reports in Turkey on the implementation of the guidelines of the CEPEJ SATURN group on judicial time management

Many Turkish television channels have published reports on the application of the guidelines of the CEPEJ SATURN group on judicial time management in the pilot courts of AmAsya, Erzurum and Ankara in the framework of the programme (JP COMASYT) funded by the European Union and implemented by the Council of Europe. The staff of the said courts have been trained in early September on the application of the SATURN guidelines on judicial time management by a group of CEPEJ experts, including Vice President Georg Stawa. Visible results are expected soon in terms of reductions in the length of court proceedings.
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Translation into Turkish of the Study on Council of Europe Member States on Appeal and Supreme Courts' Lengths of Proceedings - 23.09.2013

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Fine-tuning of the implementation plans for the SATURN Guidelines in Turkey

Three pilot courts in Turkey will try out the application of the SATURN guidelines on judicial time management within as from 1 September 2013 until the end of June 2014. The staff of the Amasya, Erzurum and Ankara pilot courts will be trained on 9 - 10 September 2013 on new policies and measures aimed at speeding up adjudicating times and on monitoring and reporting. Co-operation with institutions such as UYAP (legislation database and electronic communication system), High Courts, Postal Services Administration and Forensic Services will also be ensured, with the participation of guest speakers and the CEPEJ-SATURN experts, Professor Jon Johnsen and Ms Ivana Borzova.



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Team entrusted with the implementation of the reform at the Turkish Ministry of Justice

 Council of Europe :

Project office of the Council of Europe in Turkey : Turan Emeksiz Sokak, Park Bloklari, B Blok, No. 4, Gaziosmanpasa, 06700 Ankara

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The Presidents of the CEPEJ, CCJE and CCPE invited by the Turkish High Council of Judges and Prosecutors (14-16 January 2013)

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