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Joint programme: "Strengthening the Court Management System in Turkey" (JP COMASYT)

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Study visit to Finland [14-16 May 2013]

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Practical Training for judges and lawyers for two turkish Pilot Courts [15 May 2013]
A training session on settlement and mediation in civil cases for selected judges and lawyers took place in Ankara (Turkey) on May, 15th, with the participation of a group of CEPEJ experts. The event presented an opportunity to compare the differences and similarities as regards settlement between Turkey and the European countries. 


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Strengthening the Turkish court management system - the CEPEJ “Checklist for promoting the quality of justice” and its “Handbook for conducting satisfaction surveys” are key points of reference [May 2013]

The CEPEJ Checklist for promoting the quality of justice and the CEPEJ Handbook for conducting satisfaction surveys have been used as central references at two workshops on External Relations and Quality Services held in Ankara, Turkey, in February and April 2013. The aim was to discuss the external relations needs of prosecution offices and courts, particularly towards law enforcement agencies, and the basic elements of quality services within a judicial organisation, with reference to good practices in European countries. The outputs of the workshops provided the basis for developing policy papers for the pilot courts and prosecution offices, which will be submitted to the Turkish Ministry of Justice and the High Council of Judges and Prosecutors for review and follow-up.

Cooperation strengthened between the CEPEJ and Turkey [mars 2013]
In the framework of the joint programme “Strengthening the Court management in Turkey” (JP COSMASYT), financed by the European Union and implemented by the Council of Europe, the Ministry of Justice of Turkey has made available to justice professionals the main CEPEJ tools translated in Turkish.


CEPEJ page of the website of the Ministry of Justice of Turkey


Conference on future use of CEPEJ Saturn Time Management Tools by the Turkish Judiciary [February 2013]
Two CEPEJ Members took part in a conference, which was held from 27 to 28 February 2013 in Ankara, of an initiative to gradually introduce CEPEJ Tools in the Turkish Judiciary. The courthouses of Amasya and Erzurum have been selected as main pilot courts for the application of the Saturn tools, i.e. mainly the Saturn Guidelines for Judicial Time Management, which have already been translated into Turkish and disseminated in these two courthouses.










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