The European Commission for the Efficiency of Justice

Questionnaire "C" on the role of training institutions as regards in-service training of judges and prosecutors

I. Please indicate the measures taken with a view to enabling judges and prosecutors to exercice their right to in-service training (for example, days of leave for that purpose, etc..);
II. Is in-service training of judges and prosecutors compulsory or optional?
III. If in-service training is not compulsory as a general rule, please specify if there are areas /and/or subject matters in which in-service training is nevertheless compulsory; If so, please give details;
IV. Is the judge or prosecutor free to choose the training actions in which he/she wishes to participate? Does he/she have to justify his/her choice? Is it possible for the judicial hierarchy and/or the training institution to oppose to the wish expressed by the judge or the prosecutor concerned and for what reason?
V. Please identify the committees and / or trainers that develop in-service training programmes and the authority that approves planning;
VI. Please give the following statistics: number of activities per year (if possible, please specify the average duration of activities); number of training hours offered per year per magistrate; budgetary resources;

VII. Please specify and describe the in-service training methods (seminars, workshops, traditional lectures, distance learning, audiovisuals);
VIII. Please give details about the training environment (dedicated structures, court buildings, conference centres in hotels and the like);
IX. What are the contents of training initiatives (role of cultural and social themes; role of ancillary sciences; management techniques);
X. What are the contents and the modalities of training to support change of functions?
XI. How is the assessment of programmes and methods done (questionnaires, interviews)?
XII. What are the modalities of the evaluation of trainers?
XIII. What is the impact of participation to training on participants' career?
XIV. Is there for each judge and prosecutor a file describing the in-service actions in which he/she participated?
XV. Are judges and public prosecutors offered individual training programmes concerning their personal professional development?