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How to be safe and protect your rights online

Welcome to the Council of Europe website on Internet Literacy. The Internet has greatly influenced our societies and the way we live. It is increasingly important to have the skills to use the Internet in a safe, competent and responsible way. Here you can find tools and materials to help you stay safe on the Internet, protect your human rights and get the most out of your online experience.

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[8 February 2011] Safer Internet Day: Stopping sexual predators using Internet to solicit children

"We must ask ourselves whether we are doing enough to protect children on the Internet. Child pornography and grooming of children for sexual purposes are crimes that can be prevented and have to be prosecuted. I call upon the internet community to join our "one in five campaign" and work together to put a stop to sexual violence against children including through intensive awareness raising efforts", said Maud de Boer-Buquicchio, Deputy Secretary General of the Council of Europe, to mark Safer Internet Day on 8 February. (more)

Children and the Internet: safe surfing
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online game for children WildWeb WoodsThrough the WildWebWoods

Safe surfing on the Internet - an online game for children  set in a fun, fairy-tale environment.
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Avoid risks to your health on the Internet!

Learn what you can do to protect yourself against risky medicines and unreliable health information on the Internet.
Translations available: German, Italian


Internet Literacy Handbook

A guide for parents, teachers and young people with practical tips and suggestions for classroom activities and getting the most out of the Internet.


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