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. Recommendation Rec (2004)11 on legal,

  operational and technical standards for


. E-voting handbook - implementation of

  e-enabled elections

. Guidelines on certification of e-voting


. Guidelines on transparency of e-enabled


. Reports of biennial Reviews 2008 and


. Council of Europe studies on e-voting

. National developments on e-voting



. Recommendation (2009)1 on

  e-democracy and Explanatory


  (PdF version   -  Word version)

. Practical tools to Rec(2009)1

. Glossary of technical terms in the field

  of electronic democracy


Internet governance

. Recommendation (2004)15 and

  explanatory memorandum



Texts submitted by the Council of Europe


. IGF 2010

. IGF 2009

. IGF 2008

. WSIS 2005

. WSIS 2003


Internet literacy

Internet literacy handbook








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Integrated Project “Making Democratic Institutions work” (2002 – 2004)

This project has been the Council of Europe’s response to one of the major challenges facing Europe today – to ensure that democratic institutions support and enter into dialogue with all Europeans, including groups that have been, for various reasons, excluded from equal participation in democratic processes.
2004 marked the final year of activity of this project and the results were presented at the Project Conference in Barcelona from 17-19 November 2004.
The major contributions to this conference are brought together in the book “Reflections on the future of democracy in Europe”, Council of Europe, September 2005.
The main conclusion of the Barcelona Conference is that the Council of Europe should establish a Forum for the Future of Democracy to build further the acquis and take forward the work of the Integrated Project. This body would harness the momentum established at the Barcelona conference. It would develop systematically the conceptual and practical resources generated through the Integrated Project and the Green Paper.

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