Integrated Project 1
Projet Intégré 1

    Making democratic institutions work
    Les institutions démocratiques en action

Resolution 1121 (1997) Instruments of citizen participation in representative democracy, Parliamentary Assembly

Participation of immigrants and foreign residents in political life in the Council of Europe member states (2000), Parliamentary Assembly, Doc. 8916

Recommendation 1430(1999), on access to information, public participation in environmental decision-making and access to justice - implementation of the Århus Convention, Parliamentary Assembly

Access to information, public participation in environmental decision-making and access to justice (1999)- implementation of the Århus Convention, DOC. 8565

Proceedings of the Seminar “Equality between women and men in the political decision-making process” organised by the Finnish Presidency of the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe (Helsinki, 11 March 1997), EG (97) 2, CDEG

European Convention on the legal protection of services based on, or consisting of, conditional access (2000) 

European Convention on Transfrontier Television (1989) with the amending protocol (1998)

European Convention relating to questions on copyright law and neighbouring rights in the framework of transfrontier broadcasting by satellite (1994)

European Agreement for the Prevention of Broadcasts transmitted from Stations outside National Territories (1965)

European Agreement on the Protection of Television Broadcasts (1960)

European Agreement concerning Programme Exchanges by means of Television Films (1958)

Council of Europe activities in the media field (March 2000) / DH-MM (2000) 1

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Co-operation and Assistance programmes in the media field for Central & Eastern European Countries / DH-MM (2001) 5

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Report on media pluralism in the digital environment, released 20 October 2000 

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Conference on freedom of expression and the right to privacy, Strasbourg 23 September 1999 / DH-MM (2000) 7

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Universal community service: Access for all to internet services at community level - general report from a conference in Malta, 2-3 November 1999 / DH-MM (2000) 8

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Case-law concerning Article 10 of the European Convention on Human Rights (updated once a year) / DH-MM (2000) 6

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Pluralism in the multi-channel market: suggestions for regulatory scrutiny, by Mr Chris Marsden (October 1999)

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European Ministerial Conferences on mass media policy: Texts adopted / DH-MM (2000) 4

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The protection of neighbouring rights of broadcasting organisations in the digital environment,  by Ms Natali Helberger (October 1999)

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Media and elections - Handbook (1999) (59 pages)

Media and democracy (1998), Jakubowicz, 176 pages

Proceedings of the information seminar on self-regulation by the media (Strasbourg, 7-8 October 1998) / DH-MM (99) 7

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1 The texts before 1994 are not available on the internet.