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Conference on The future of democracy in Europe

17-19 November 2004, Barcelona (Spain)

The main conclusion of the conference was that the Council of Europe should establish a Forum for the Future of Democracy to build further the acquis and take forward the work of the Integrated Project “Making Democratic Institutions Work” (2002-2004). This body would harness the momentum established at the Barcelona conference and would develop systematically the conceptual and practical resources generated through the Integrated Project and the Green Paper.

The publicationReflections on the future of democracy in Europe – Contributions to the Barcelona Conference contains the major contributions to the conference.

The Launch meeting of the Forum on the Future of Democracy was held in Warsaw on 3-4 November 2005 on the invitation of the Polish authorities and brought together representatives of government authorities, parliaments, local and regional authorities and civil society from all over Europe.

- Chairman’s Conclusions
Conclusions in Catalan

- Green paper on the Future of Democracy in Europe

- Acquis – Analytical Summary – Developping Democracy in Europe

- Conference Final report

- Key Conference documents

- Conference background and rationale

- Proceedings of the Conference : “Reflections on the future of democracy in Europe

- Council of Europe Forum for the Future of Democracy – Special file