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Resolution on Spectator Violence (89/3)

The European Ministers responsible for Sport, meeting in Reykjavik from 30 May to 1 June 1989 for their 6th Conference,

Note with pleasure that fifteen member states are Contracting Parties to the European Convention on Spectator Violence and Misbehaviour at Sports Events and in particular at Football Matches and urge as many other member states as possible to sign and/or ratify the Convention rapidly;

Note that the problems of spectator violence remain a cause for serious concern, particularly in the aftermath of important matches and that public and football authorities must continue to be vigilant and to act together in the closest possible co-operation;

Thank the Standing Committee of the European Convention for the work it has undertaken and for the report presented to this Conference;

Note with pleasure, subject only to the regrettable behaviour of a small number of supporters, the successful outcome of the work of the responsible authorities of the Federal Republic of Germany, UEFA and the national authorities concerned with the European Football Championships in 1988;

Approve the guidelines for the control of ticket sales prepared by the Standing Committee;

Approve the Comprehensive Report on Measures to combat Hooliganism prepared by the Standing Committee at the request of the Sports Ministers at their 13th informal meeting at Athens;

Agree to work for the implementation of the controls and of such measures which are or may be appropriate at national level and to bring them to the attention of the relevant national authorities and organisations;

Consider that the following subjects merit particular attention and further study, and that the Standing Committee would be the most appropriate forum for this work:

1. the continuation of close co-ordination with the bodies concerned with the preparation of the World Cup in 1990 and the next European Football Championships in 1992, and to pay particular attention to the problems posed by spectators travelling through or staying in countries other than their own;

2. the evaluation of the behaviour of spectators at the European Football Championships in 1988 and during international matches during the 1989-90 season;

3. the evaluation of social, cultural and educational projects carried out in member states of the CDDS in order to develop practical preventative measures aimed at hooligans and potential hooligans;

4. the further development of practical working relationships with the group of permanent correspondents on football hooliganism in the European Community, bearing in mind the separate but complementary nature and responsibilities of the two bodies;

Instruct the Secretary General to inform the Standing Committee of this Resolution.