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Resolution on preventing racism, xenophobia and intolerance in sport (No 4/2000)

The European Ministers responsible for Sport, meeting in Bratislava for their 9th Conference on 30 and 31 May 2000:

Noting the Declaration adopted at the European Conference on the Social Dimension of Football (Strasbourg, 22-23 November 1999);

Reaffirming strongly their commitment to the defence of the ethical values in sport and to the role sport plays in education for mutual respect, tolerance, fair-play, and against discrimination;

Welcoming the growing role of sport, especially football, in the development of communities but also concerned by recent outbreaks of racist behaviour at sports events;

Determined to offer all the support possible to host countries and the organisers of EURO 2000 to prevent outbreaks of spectator violence and misbehaviour during the Championships;

Agree to take at national level all necessary measures effectively to prevent and to combat racist behaviour, xenophobia and intolerance in all sports, in particular in relation to football matches;

Invite the Committee of Ministers to ask the Committee for the Development of Sport (CDDS) and the Standing Committee of the European Convention on Spectator Violence and Misbehaviour at Sports Events and in particular at Football Matches (T-RV) to prepare a draft text on the legislative, statutory, administrative, educative, legal and police measures to eliminate racist and xenophobic propaganda and behaviour of all kinds at sports events. This text should bring to the fore the respective and joint responsibilities which are incumbent upon both governments and non-governmental organisations (sport clubs, sport events organisers, stadium owners, etc.) to counter such behaviour.