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The programme for monitoring compliance with commitments aims at studying how member States are implementing the Convention. Consultative visits are organised to help various countries to implement the policies and programmes required for compliance with the stipulations of the text. Evaluation visits are also organised, leading to publication of evaluation reports. Furthermore, each Party submits an annual report to the Monitoring Group via an on-line questionnaire on the steps it is taking to implement the provisions of the Convention.

Handbook - procedural guidelines for monitoring visits

For more information about our Compliance with Commitments project, you can consult the Handbook explaining the procedural guidelines of the project.

Reports on compliance with the Anti-Doping Convention

Evaluation visits

United Kingdom (2016)
Bulgaria (2016)
Poland (2016)
Ukraine (2016)
Albania (2015)
Andorra (2015)
Belarus (2015)
Montenegro (2015)
Georgia (2015)
Malta (2015)
Russian Federation (2014)
Moldova (2014)
Bulgaria (2013)
Spain (2011)
Germany (2009)
Romania (2007) and follow up report (2011)
Cyprus (2006)
Denmark (2006)
Tunisia national report (2006) and evaluation report (2008)
Norway (1998 and 2006) and follow up reports (2010 and 2012)
Poland (2005)
Netherlands (2004)
Sweden (2004) and follow up report (2006)
Switzerland (2004) and follow up report (2007)
Finland (2004) and follow up report (2007)
Luxembourg (2003) and follow up report (2006 - French)
France (2003)
Czech Republic (2002) and follow up report (2005)
Italy (2001)
Australia (2001) and follow up report (2003)

Consultative visits

Cyprus (2013)
Romania (2012)
Iceland (auto-evaluation report – 2005 and report from the consultative team - 2008)
Slovakia (2005 - French)
Romania (2001 and 2005) and follow up report (2002)
Georgia (2004)
Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania (2003) and follow up report (2004)
Croatia (2003) and follow up report (2004)
Azerbaijan (2002) and follow up report (2004)
Bulgaria (2002) and follow up report (2004)
Ukraine (2002) and follow up report (2005)
Ireland (2001) and follow up report (2003)
Russian Federation (2001) and follow up report (2002)
Turkey (2001) and follow up report (2003)

Auto-evaluation reports

Netherlands (2002), opinion of the Monitoring Group (2002) and supplementary report (2004)
Germany (2001) and opinion of the Monitoring Group (2002)

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