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ROMANI : documents and tools

The following documents and tools are available in English and in Romani (Kalderash or Usary).

Intruments for teaching and learning Romani



Curriculum Framework for Romani (2008)


Sicarimasko Plano palaj Romani Chib (2008)  
European Language Portfolio (ELP)   Evropako Chibako Portofolio (ECP)  
  ELP: Primary     ECP: Primarno nivelo  
  ELP: Lower Secondary     ECP: Telutno sekundarno  
  Handbook for Teachers     Sikljarnengo Manualo  

Other language versions have been produced in member states and are available online:
Czech, Central-Eastern Romani, German, Lovari, Serbian

Reports and other documents



Report of the Council of Europe seminar, 2008
Report of the Council of Europe seminar, 2007
Introduction to the European Roma and Travellers Forum (ERTF)
Policy Paper on the Romani Language
Roma and Travellers Glossary (@ Council of Europe)
Seminarosko Raportaro 2008
Seminarosko Raportaro 2007
Introdukcija pal e Evropako Forumo Le Romengo thaj le Phirutnengo (EFRP)
Politikano lil pal i romani chib


Translation into national/official languages and into other varieties of Romani is encouraged in order to promote wide dissemination and use of these tools. Interested instances are invited to consult the Guidelines for translation.

The Council of Europe retains copyright of the Curriculum Framework for Romani, European Language Portfolio models and Handbook for Teachers (see available translations online).

This project was supported by financial contributions from the Finnish authorities.