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Teaching Romani: Curriculum Framework for Romani and European Language Portfolio.
Strasbourg, 27-28 November 2008

This follow-up seminar involved 17 countries concerned with the issue of teaching Romani.

To supplement the Curriculum Framework for Romani, additional tools were produced to help more specifically teachers of Romani: two European Language Portfolio models (for age groups 6-11 and 11-16) accompanied by a Handbook for teachers.

Results of the piloting of the Curriculum Framework for Romani were also presented during the seminar. Exchanges regarding possible networks between participants took place, as well as with international instances. Issues such as teacher training and school books were examined.

Documents :

Curriculum Framework for Romani 2008
(word) (pdf)

Sičarimasko Plano palaj Romani Chib 2008 (word) (pdf)

European Language Portfolio (ELP):

Evropako Čhibako Portofolio (ECP)


ELP: Primary (word) (pdf)


ECP: Primarno nivelo (word) (pdf)


ELP: Lower Secondary (word) (pdf)


ECP: Telutno sekundarno (word) (pdf)


Handbook for Teachers (word) (pdf)


Sikljarnengo Manualo (word) (pdf)

It is hoped that further language versions will be made available. Relevant persons wishing to undertake a translation (ministries, communities, Roma Centers, etc.) are invited to contact the Language Policy Division in view of a Council of Europe permission. General conditions regarding translations: see here.

Results of the 2007 seminar

Documents and Tools / Translation: here