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Guidelines for the translation of tools and documents for the teaching & learning of Romani

Permission for translation will be granted by the Council of Europe under following conditions:

  1. a request seeking permission to translate the relevant document(s) should be addressed to the Language Policy Division of the Council of Europe (Strasbourg) which will forward it to the Unit responsible for publications at the Council of Europe (co-ordination and authorisation of all translations);
  2. this request should emanate from a ministry, local authorities or a Roma centre, and indicate:
  1. the English (original) version of the document(s) must be used as the basis for translation. Existing Romani translations may be used as a reference (available: Curriculum Framework for Romani: in Kalderash / European Language Portfolio models and Handbook: in Ursary)
  2. The layout of the documents must be strictly respected (in particular for the European Language Portfolio for primary).

The Language Policy Division should be contacted for further details before the document(s) is published.