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Linguistic integration of adult migrants:
towards the evaluation of policy and practice
Intergovernmental Conference

Council of Europe, Strasbourg, 24-25 June 2010

      PROGRAMME including Presentations

Thursday 24 June

09.00 – 10.15
Chair: Philia Thalgott

Official opening
Council of Europe

    · Joseph Sheils, Head of the Department of Language Education and Policy, DG IV
    · Michel Villan, Chair, European Committee on Migration (CDMG)
    · John Greenway, Chair, Committee on Migration, Refugees and Population - Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE)

International organisations
· Teresa Condeço, European Commission
· Georges Lemaitre, OECD

10.15 – 10.45

Introduction to the Conference
David Little, Rapporteur [Handout]

10.45 – 11.15


11.15 – 12.15

Language requirements for adult migrants in Council of Europe member states: Report on a follow-up survey

Plenary discussion: Comments and Questions

12.15 – 14.15
[12.50 – 14.00]

Cold Lunch (provided)

Presentations of national / regional projects

14.15 – 14.30
Richard Rossner

Contextualisation of key issues from the Council of Europe viewpoint
Set of key questions to assist an evaluation of effectiveness / impact

14.30 – 16.15

Discussion Groups [3 Rooms ]

16.15 – 16.45


16.45 – 17.45
Chair / Moderator
Jean-Claude Beacco

Plenary Feedback: Round table with Group Rapporteurs

Friday 25 June

09.00 – 09.15
Piet van Avermaet

Introduction to 2nd session of group work
Presentation on second set of challenging statements

09.15 – 10.45

Discussion Groups [3 Rooms]

10.45 – 11.15


11.15 – 12.15
Chair / Moderator:
Claire Extramiana

Plenary Feedback: Round table with Group Rapporteurs

12.15 – 14.00


14.00 – 15.00
Hans-Jürgen Krumm

Round Table
Participants will briefly present the work of their body and respond to the issues raised during the Conference

Apologised for absence: Jan Niessen, Migration Policy Group

15.00 – 15.15

A Canadian perspective: Patrick McEvenue, Ottawa [text pending]

15.15 – 15.45
Sergey Khrychikov

Closing session

Summary of Conclusions: David Little, Rapporteur
Close of the conference: Philia Thalgott / Sergey Khrychikov

NB: texts and powerpoints are attached in the language in which they were delivered. The Conference Report will be available by the end of the year

Coordinating Group

    · Piet van Avermaet, Director of the Centre for Diversity and Learning, University of Ghent, Belgium
    · Jean-Claude Beacco, University of Sorbonne Nouvelle, Paris III, France
    · Claire Extramiana, Délégation à la langue française et aux langues de France (DGLFLF), Ministry of Culture and Communication, Paris, France
    · Hans-Jürgen Krumm, University of Vienna, Austria
    · David Little, Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland, Conference Rapporteur
    · Richard Rossner, Chief Executive, The European Association for Quality Language Services (EAQUALS), United Kingdom

Council of Europe Secretariat

    · Joseph Sheils, Head of the Language Policy Division, DG IV
    · Philia Thalgott, Administrator, Language Policy Division, DG IV - Conference co-ordinator
    · Sergey Khrychikov, Administrator, Migration Division, DG III