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NB : Following internal restructuring measures we are currently no longer in a position to respond positively to requests for Language Education Policy Profiles (September 2016).

Council of Europe assistance with self-evaluation of national and regional policies

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Leaflet: Presentation of the Guide for the Development of Language Education Policies in Europe and of Language Education Policy Profiles

Language Education Policy Profiles - A transversal analysis: trends and issues

The Language Policy Unit offers expertise to assist member States who so wish in reflecting upon their language education policy.

This activity provides member States (or regions and cities) with the opportunity to undertake a self-evaluation of their policy in a spirit of dialogue with Council of Europe experts, with a view to focusing on possible future policy developments within the country.

Developing a Language Education Policy Profile does not mean external evaluation. It is a process of reflection by the authorities and involving civil society, together with the Council of Europe experts who have the function of acting as catalysts in this process.

The process involves the elaboration of a series of two complementary documents published by the Council of Europe:

  • the Country Report (or Regional/City Report) developed by authorities
  • the Profile of Language Education Policy of the concerned country (or region/city)

A Language Education Policy Profile involves several related steps:

  • Preparation of a Country (or Regional / City) Report by the authorities describing and evaluating current policy and outlining new or planned initiatives
  • Study visit of a Council of Europe Expert Group
  • Production of a forward looking Language Education Policy Profile by the Council of Europe Expert Group in co-operation with national (or regional) authorities
  • Launch (with Round Table, seminar or another forum)

Interested national, regional or local authorities are invited to contact the Language Policy Unit in Strasbourg (