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Higher Education Series

Annual meeting of the ENIC/ NARIC networks

12-14 June, Dublin

The objective of the annual joint meeting of the ENIC and NARIC Networks was to review developments in the recognition of higher education qualifications, in particular the implementation of the Council of Europe/UNESCO Convention on the Recognition of Qualifications concerning Higher Education in the European Region (ETS 165) and recognition policies in the context of the Bologna Process aiming to establish a European Higher Education Area by 2010.

During the meeting the debates focused on

Mr. Yves Beaudin (Canada) was elected President and Ms. Carmel Kelly (Ireland) and Ms. Nadežda Uzelac (“the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia”) were elected Vice Presidents of the ENIC Network;

The next annual ENIC/NARIC meeting will be held in Tallinn in June 2006.

The close cooperation between the ENIC network (served by the Council of Europe/UNESCO) and the NARIC Network (served by the European Commission) is a good example of very close cooperation between three international institutions in an area of great importance to individual learners.

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