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Higher Education Series

On the occasion of the publishing of volume 13 of the Higher Education Series entitled Developing attitudes to recognition: substantial differences in an age of globalisation, we are pleased to offer you a 25% promotional discount on all titles of the series.

Titles in the series:
Ÿ Advancing democratic practice. A self-assessment guide for higher education (No. 14)
Ÿ Developing attitudes to recognition: substantial differences in an age of globalisation (No.13)
Ÿ Improving recognition in the European Higher Education Area: an analysis of national action plans (No.12)
Ÿ Intercultural dialogue on Campus (No.11)
Ÿ New challenges in recognition (No.10)
Ÿ The legitimacy of quality assurance in higher education (No.9)
Ÿ Higher Education and Democratic Culture: Citizenship, Human Rights and Civic Responsibility (No.8)
Ÿ The heritage of European universities - 2nd edition (No. 7)
Ÿ Qualifications — Introduction to a concept (No.6)
Ÿ Higher education governance between democratic culture, academic aspirations and market forces (No.5)
Ÿ Recognition in the Bologna Process: policy development and the road to good practice (No.4)
Ÿ Standards for recognition: the Lisbon Recognition Convention and its subsidiary texts (No.3)
Ÿ The public responsibility for higher education and research (No. 2)
Ÿ The university as res publica - Higher education governance, student participation and the university as a site of citizenship (No. 1)