Higher Education and Research


UNESCO-CEPES (the European Centre for Higher Education/Centre Européen pour l'Enseignement Supérieur) was established in September 1972 with a view to promoting co-operation in higher education among Member States of the Europe Region (the countries of Europe, North America, and Israel). The activities of UNESCO-CEPES are focused foremost on higher education in Central and Eastern Europe. In addition, the Director of UNESCO-CEPES is the Representative of UNESCO in Romania.

Since September 2003, UNESCO-CEPES has been a consultative member of a Follow-up Group of the Bologna Process.

To fulfil its mission, UNESCO-CEPES:

  • o undertakes projects relevant to the development and reform of higher education, specifically in view of the follow-up to the UNESCO World Conference on Higher Education (1998), and the Bologna Process aiming at the creation of the European Higher Education Area;
  • o serve as the secretariat or co-secretariat of specialised networks, especially of those related to the implementation of the Council of Europe/UNESCO Convention on the Recognition of Qualifications Concerning Higher Education  in the Europe Region;
  • o provides consultancy services;
  • o promotes policy development and research on higher education and serves as a forum for the discussion of  important topics in higher education;
  • o gathers and disseminates a wide range of information on higher education;
  • o coordinates relations with a designated number of UNESCO Chairs relevant to its activities, within the UNITWIN/UNESCO Chairs Programme; 
  • o participates in the activities of other governmental and non-governmental organizations;
  • o serves as a link between UNESCO Headquarters and Romania.

For further information please consult the UNESCO-CEPES web site.

We also provide relevant documents, policy statements and results of the work of UNESCO-CEPES as they become available. These are sorted according to main topics connected with the European Higher Education Area.


Recognition issues and “easily readable and comparable degrees”


The Diploma Supplement


Higher education legislation


Documents from the seminar New Generations of Policy Documents and Laws for Higher Education: Their Thrust in the Context of the Bologna Process (November 4-6, 2004)


Academic mobility


Information on the project on Brain Drain and the Academic and Intellectual Labour Market in South East Europe


Quality assurance and accreditation


Papers on Higher Education: Quality Assurance and the Development of Course Programmes, published in 2002


Student participation and governance in higher education


Papers on Higher Education: Policy Making, Strategic Planning and Management of Higher Education, published in 2002


Regional developments and European dimension of Higher Education


Final report from the UNESCO-CEPES/ EUA conference “The External Dimension of the Bologna Process: South-East European Higher Education and the European Higher Education Area in a Global World”, 2003