Higher Education and Research

    The launching conference of the new CDESR project on “The University between Humanism and Market: Redefining its Values and Functions for the 21st Century” will be held on 20-21 November 2007 in Strasbourg. Its title is “New Challenges to European Higher Education – Managing the Complexities of a Globalized Society”
    For two days high-level policy makers in higher education will gather to answer questions and address issues such as:
    What are the challenges to societal sustainability modern societies and individuals have to cope with?
    What is the contribution of higher education to societal sustainability and what should it look like?
    What kind of challenges does higher education face in modern societies? How does it cope with them?
    What kind of knowledge/values does it require to enable people to take action in modern societies, at individual level and at the level of societies?
    How should higher education institutions proceed in the transmission of these forms of knowledge?

    The project will run until 2010, with each phase of the project centered around a major conference open to all States party to the Europe Cultural Convention as well as to other delegations and observers to the CDESR .