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Council of Europe Conventions and Recommendations in Higher Education and Research


Several documents have been adopted by different Council of Europe structures to provide a solid foundation for the activities in the field of higher education and research.

Conventions are legal documents, which are binding for every member state that has ratified them.



Council of Europe structures (in this case, the Committee of Ministers and the Parliamentary Assembly) can also issue recommendations. These are not legally-binding documents but they nevertheless represent important standard setting documents. In addition to this, recommendations or codes of good practice in various fields can be also adopted by some other structures (i.e. Lisbon Recognition Convention Committee etc.)


Publications of the Higher Education and Research Division

Council of Europe Higher Education Series

As from 2004, our publications appear as a separate series “Council of Europe Higher Education Series”

The Division for Higher Education and Research also contributed to the publishing of “The Heritage of European Universities”.

For more information on Council of Europe Publications consult the Council of Europe Bookshop


Articles and other documents

Here you will find relevant documents and publications that resulted from various Council of Europe activities in Higher Education and Research.



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