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Irish study on qualifications frameworks

The National Qualifications Authority of Ireland has just published the Framework Implementation and Impact Study Report [embed http://www.nqai.ie/framework_study.html], which was prepared by an external Study Team of national and international experts. The Study covers the first five years (2003-08) of the operation of the Irish National Framework of Qualifications (NFQ) and its purpose was to:

    · assess the extent to which the NFQ is being implemented
    · support deeper implementation of the NFQ and policies on access, transfer and progression
    · identify progress in implementation
    · identify gaps and drivers/obstacles in respect of implementation
    · assess the initial impact of the NFQ.

The report puts forward 19 recommendations.


Successful conference on universities as actors of intercultural dialogue

On 2 – 3 June, the Council of Europe organized a conference on “Universities as Actors of intercultural Dialogue in Wider Society”. The conference was coorganized with and hosted by the University of Peoples’ Friendship of Russia, whose Rector, Professor Vladimir M. Filippov, was a driving force behind the conference.

In her keynote speech, Gabriella Battaini-Dragoni, Director General of Education, Culture and Heritage, Youth and Sport and Coordinator for Intercultural Dialogue and for the Anti-Discrimination Campaign, emphasized that “universities cannot be universities unless their mission and the education they provide is greater than the sum of its individual academic disciplines”. A key mission of higher education must be to develop the kind of societies in which we can live together as equals in dignity and which are fluent in intercultural dialogue. [more…


Annual meeting of the ENIC/NARIC networks

The 16th ENIC-NARIC Networks Joint meeting was held on 14-16 June at Larnaka in Cyprus. Mr. E. Stephen Hunt (US) was elected President of the ENIC network for 2009-2010. Mr. Allan Bruun Pedersen (Denmark) and Mr. Kevin Guillaume (French Community of Belgium) were elected as Vice Presidents for the same period. [Continued…]

Armenian translation of volume no. 6 of the Council of Europe Higher Education Series

The volume “Qualifications: introduction to a concept” of the Council of Europe higher education series (no. 6, 2007), has now been translated into Armenian at the initiative of the Armenian authorities. This book provides a systematic overview of the concept of qualifications, discusses its main elements, such as level, workload, quality, profile and learning outcomes, and examines generic and subject-specific competences.



Qualifications frameworks: the German self certification report is now on line

Germany has now self certified its national qualifications framework for higher education and the self certification report is available on line in English as well as German. This is the third national qualifications framework to be self certified, following those of Ireland and the United Kingdom (Scotland). The Bologna Process web site includes a special site on qualifications frameworks.



Bosnia and Herzegovina launches its quality assurance agency

Bosnia and Herzegovina has now launched its State Agency for Higher Education Development and Quality Assurance, and it is already operational. The Agency has been established under the Bosnian Framework Law on Higher Education as an independent governmental body. The agency, which is located in Banja Luka, will be guided by the principles of the European Higher Education Area. It will aim to set clear, transparent and accessible criteria for accreditation of higher education institutions and the adoption of minimum standards in the field of higher education. It will also set criteria for the selection of domestic and international experts.




Forum on Intercultural Dialogue in Moscow – Conference report available

The report from the conference on “Universities as Actors of Intercultural Dialogue in Wider Society”, which was held at the Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia in June, is now available.


CDESR Bureau member appointed President of the Italian conference of deans of faculties of pharmacy
In July 2009, Professor Giuseppe Ronsisvalle, CDESR Bureau member and Dean of the faculty of pharmacy of the University of Catania in Italy, was elected President of the Italian conference of deans of faculties of pharmacy. Consequently, he will be also member of the Italian inter-faculties conference of presidents.


Council of Europe contributes to the UNESCO World Conference

The UNESCO World Conference on Higher Education was held in Paris on 5 – 8 July 2009. On the final day, participants adopted a Communiqué which will be available on the conference site shortly. [Continued…]

European Wergeland Centre: opening conference report available online

The opening conference of the European Wergeland Centre took place in Oslo on 28-29 May. The report of the conference as well as the presentations are available on the web site of the Centre.


New volume of the Council of Europe higher education series

“Intercultural dialogue on Campus”, volume 11 of the Council of Europe higher education series, is out now. This volume is based on the Council of Europe conference which was held on 4-5 March 2008 in Strasbourg and examines intercultural dialogue on the higher education campus through theoretical contributions as well as concrete examples of universities practices. The conclusions, drawn up by Bernd Wächter, underline that intercultural dialogue must become part of the mission of Europe’s higher education institutions and a characteristic of their everyday life.

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