Higher Education and Research

Council of Europe Higher Education Forum

“Higher Education Governance between democratic culture, academic aspirations and market forces”
22 – 23 September 2005, Strasbourg

One of the main focuses of the current activities of the Higher Education and Research Division of the Council of Europe is “Higher Education Governance”. The conference in September will present the results of 2 years of work and offer a platform for discussion and debate. It is also intended as a contribution to both, the European Year of Citizenship through Education, a Council of Europe initiative for 2005, and to the Bologna Process, the creation of a European Higher Education Area by 2010.

The conference will address in particular key issues such as

  • o Governance and Good Governance – what does it mean? (terminology)
  • o The changing societal context and forces that influence the options and choices for governance in general and in higher education in particular
  • o The Governance of Higher Education Systems and Institutions (structures, procedures, processes)
  • o The actors of Higher Education Governance (people)
  • o Higher Education Governance – What is at stake?
  • o Creating commitment and shared ownership

Representatives of national governments (ministries of education), higher education institutions, nominated through their respective structures (Steering Committee for Higher Education and Research, Bologna Follow-Up Group), and student and other international organisations active in the field of higher education, or education in general, will participate in the conference.

It is expected that the debates shall result in increased awareness and clarity of the notion and terminology of governance and governance related issues, guidelines for the elaboration of (good) governance policy (questions to address, processes to adopt, etc) and recommendations on key elements of what constitutes good governance.