Higher Education and Research

Contribution of the Council of Europe to the Bologna Process in 2004

As a consultative member of the Bologna Follow Up Group the Council of Europe actively contributed to the policy orientation of the Bologna Process and as member of the working group on the qualifications framework contributed to the finalisation of this document to be submitted to the Ministerial Summit in Bergen in 2005.

The Council also organised or co-organised three conferences within the framework of the Bologna Process

  • o Public Responsibility for Higher Education and Research (September, Strasbourg)
  • o New Generations of Policy documents and Laws for Higher Education (November, Warsaw)
  • o Improving the Recognition system of Degrees and Periods of Studies (December, Riga)

Building bridges between the Bologna Process and the Cultural Convention States not yet – or only recently - party to the process is one of the key missions of the Council of Europe in this respect. In 2004 it organised several seminars to that effect in

  • o Georgia
  • o Moldova,
  • o “the Former Yougoslav Republic of Macedonia” (2)
  • o Ukraine (2)
  • o a regional conference on student participation in higher education governance for seven CIS countries

The Council also provided written advice on the national reports of four countries (Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine) to be submitted when applying for accession to the Bologna Process.