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Higher Education Series

Confidence-building measures in the field of education for the Transnistria region

On June 25th, the Council of Europe hosted the round table on “European trends in teaching and learning: experiences and practices”. The event, which gathered academic representatives from higher education institutions from both sides of the river Dniestr, provided a very productive platform for discussion and exchange of good practices on current developments in the teaching and learning methods in Europe. A further objective of the round table was to question the extent to which innovative teaching methods have been and can be further translated into an every-day practice of higher education institution.

* * *

Powerpoints and text presentations
‘Development in European co-operation between leadership, staff and students: call on the European experience’ by Per Nyborg (powerpoint presentation and a text)
‘An overview of current developments in the teaching and learning methods in Europe’ by David Crosier (powerpoint presentation)
‘Student centred learning – a myth or a reality’ by Klemen Miklavic (powerpoint presentation and synopsis)
List of participants
Reference documents
Student centered learning’ handbook by European Students’ Union and Education International
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Alecu Russo State University of Bălti (information on the round table)
European Students’ Union