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Studies and Reports

Within the scope of its work, the Enlarged Partial Agreement on Sport produces reports and studies, and organises conferences, which do not all lead to an official publication. On this page, you will find working documents and studies as well as reports from conferences, seminars and meetings organised by the EPAS which may be of interest to the public.

The format and the opinions expressed in these contributions are those of the author and do not all necessarily reflect the official policy of the EPAS and of the Council of Europe.


Studies and working documents

Overview of the sport policies’ emerging issues in 2015:
- International authorities
- Sport movement
- Overview of the key stakeholders in International and European sports policy
by Tatiana Vassine, May 2016

Annotated thematic bibliography: migration in sport in Europe

Report on gender equality in elite sport
By Gertrud Pfister, Department of Exercise and Sport Sciences, University of Copenhagen

Why sport is not immune to corruption
by Transparency International, Czech Republic - Compiled by Radim Bures

Granting of visas to sports participants involved in international sports events, based on the study by Mr Eric Péchillon

Needs for visas
This table was drawn up by the EPAS as part of its follow-up study on the procedure for granting visas to participants in sporting competitions.

Conference reports