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Partners – International Organisations

European Commission Sport Unit

The sports departments of our two organisations keep in contact through regular liaison meetings and events. The European Union is represented at conferences of European Ministers for Sport and was also present at the CDDS meeting in March 2005. Likewise, the Council of Europe is invited to European Sports Forums organised by the European Commission.
The European Year of Education through Sport in 2004 was the opportunity for increased partnership that led to the organisation of a series of conferences and workshops, the “European Crossroads – sport, the front door to democracy”.
: http://ec.europa.eu/sport/index_en.htm

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (Unesco)
The co-operation between the Council of Europe and Unesco, based on a 1952 agreement, has undergone productive developments, often going beyond the formal framework originally laid down.
The preparation by Unesco of an international anti-doping convention has implied intensive co-operation between our 2 organisations. The aim is to ensure a complementarity between the conventions of the 2 organisations and to adopt a co-ordinated approach to monitoring and policy controls.
In order to do this, representatives of the Council of Europe have actively participated in conferences and meetings to draw up the convention. Unesco was represented at the 10th Conference of European Ministers responsible for Sport in 2004 and at the 20th Meeting of the Monitoring Group of the Anti-Doping Convention (T-DO).
Likewise, the Council of Europe is invited to the annual meetings of Unesco’s Advisory Council of the Intergovernmental Committee on Physical Education and Sport (CIGEPS).
Website : www.unesco.org

United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC)
Website: www.unodc.org/unodc/index.html

Website: www.interpol.int