Basic texts and documents within the framework of the project

New Recommendation CM/Rec(2009)4 of the Committee of Ministers to member states on the education of Roma and Travellers in Europe

Recommendation No. R(2000)4 of the Committee of Ministers on the education of Roma children in Europe, (adopted on February 3, 2000 during the 696th meeting of Ministry Delegates); Several texts and declarations provide a solid basis for action by the Council of Europe. A number of them were referred to by the Ministers of Education in Recommendation R(2000)4. REPERTOIRE: official texts of the Council of Europe and activities in the field of Education

A document created during the first phase of the project (2003-2006) complements the Recommendation (2000) 4 on the subject of the education of Roma children in Europe. It proposes strategies for the development of national education policies for Roma children: Reference framework for educational policies in favour of Roma. This provides a number of examples of initiatives launched specifically on behalf of Roma, which can be considered helpful suggestions of ways in which Member States of the Council of Europe could implement Recommendation (2000) 4 on a national level.

The legal framework and the initiatives undertaken at the international and national level demonstrate that there is political commitment to the amelioration of Roma and that education is considered an important priority. The greatest challenge for the future is the successful implementation of these initiatives and national strategies, with adequate monitoring and evaluation mechanisms, as well as ensuring adequate budgets. The document Political and Legislative Framework for the Education of Roma Children Reference: Texts and Support Systems, together with the “Reference Framework for Educational Policies in Favour of Roma” can help governments by providing guidance and examples.