European Dimension of Education

Consultation tables


 Consultation Tables were used as a method to reflect upon and modify a set of competences on diversity for teacher education. An initial framework of competences, based on the analysis of the country reports  and the analysis of concepts and issues relating to socio-cultural diversity, was developed at the end of 2007. It was necessary to ensure that the framework of competences was valid and acceptable to the intended recipients, teacher educators and managers of teacher education institutions and thus a method of Consultation Tables was established with the following explicit aims:

  • To consider the relevance of the competences within specific country contexts;

  • To gain insights into the challenges faced within specific country contexts;

  • To obtain feedback on necessary modifications to the competences;

  • To gain an understanding of the necessary conditions within teacher education for developing teacher competences and the implications for policy and practice;

  • To obtain examples, from practice and research, which may help to illustrate the competences.

Austria, Cyprus, Bulgaria and Estonia agreed to each host a Consultation Table under the leadership of members of the project groups from these countries. There was diversity in the contextual features of the countries and each of the Consultation Tables illuminated a particular theme of relevance for diversity issues in teacher education programmes.

The theme of each of the Consultation Tables related to the specific features of the host country:

  • Graz, Austria: Language diversity and competences of New Teachers (February 2008);
  • Nicosia, Cyprus: Inclusion and teacher competences on diversity education (June 2008);
  • Sofia, Bulgaria: Ethno-cultural diversity and competences of New Teachers (September 2008);
  • Tallin, Estonia: Diversity and the induction of new teachers (October 2008).

 You can find a full description of the consultation tables and their results in Volume 3. (to be published)