MARS - Media Against Racism in Sport

30 - 31 March 2012, Vilnius (Lithuania)
The 3rd MARS National Media Encounter – Ethics & Editorial Management, co-organised by the EFJ (European Federation of Journalists) and LZS, the Lithuanian Union of Journalists, was held in Vilnius, Lithuania on 30 & 31 January 2012. During these two days, more than 40 journalists, mainly from sport media coverage, exchanged on their professional practices and tried to find ways to better include diversity and non discrimination in the ethical principles and rules of journalism. For various participants, this encounter was of great importance as it was the first one dedicated to sport journalism in Lithuania and the first one on diversity and non discrimination issues. The report will be available an the end of May 2012.
To allow prospective and in-service journalists and media professionals to include non discrimination and expression of diversity in their proper professional ethics and to consider non discrimination and expression of diversity as an ongoing angle of media coverage in editorial management.

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