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Conference"Intercultural Dialogue: The Way Ahead"
28-29 October 2005
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  "European Culture: Identity and Diversity" Colloquy report
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  Memorandum of co-operation with the Anna Lindh Foundation for the Dialogue between Cultures

Coordinated programme of activities between the Council of Europe and the Arab League Educational, Cultural and Scientific Organization (ALECSO)

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Colloquy on "European Culture: Identity and Diversity"
8-9 September 2005
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Opening Conference
9-10 December 2004
Awards Ceremony for Five Cultural Routes
The new dimensions of Europe
50 years of the European Cultural Convention (pdf)
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40 years of cultural co-operation 1954-1994 by  Etienne GROSJEAN
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1954-2004 50th Anniversary of the European Cultural Convention


organised by Ministries of Education, Culture, Heritage, Youth and Sport of the member states of the European Cultural Convention

Situation as of 10 November 2004

Participating coutries



Ministry of Culture, Youth, and Sport:
- Opening of the exhibition « marubi »
- Jazz festival
- International theatre festival « Butrinti 2000 »
- Theatre comedy festival in Korça
- Exhibition at the National History Museum
- International conference on the subject of digitalisation in institutions in relation to cultural heritage, December 2004 – August 2005


Ministry of Education and Science:
- organisation of open talks and discussions in various university departments on “Education for remembrance – the prevention of crimes against humanity through education” and “Teaching history and its contribution to democratic society and citizenship” and the integration of these subjects in the secondary school curriculum.

Ministry of Culture and Youth :
- Publication of 20 books, of classical and modern Armenian literature translated into English, French, and Russian, as well as other works of art, January - October 2005 ;
- Organisation of an exhibition of painting and decorative applied arts “Russia and Western Europe in the 18th Century”, September 2005
- Concerts of classical and modern Armenian and Western European composers, September - October 2005
- Music festival “the path of spiritual unification” dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the famous Armenian composer, Avat Terterian, December 2004 - March 2005 ;


Austrian Federal Chancellery – State Secretary for Arts and Media, and the Austrian Ministry for Education, Science and Culture, in co-operation with the Austrian National Parliament :
- Seminar on the European Cultural Convention


Ministry of Culture:
- National conference (round table) on the “50th anniversary of the European Cultural Convention” with the involvement of prominent scholars, cultural figures, public officials and political analysts;
- Publication of a book on “Azerbaijan - Council of Europe: co-operation in the cultural field”.

Ministry of Youth, Sport and Tourism September 2004-June 2005:
- Conference on the essence of the European Cultural Convention together with the youth organisations of Azerbaijan;
- Seminar on “Intercultural training, cultures of peace and youth”;
- Round table on the “Perspectives of co-operation between European institutions and youth non-governmental organisations” within the framework of the European Cultural Convention ;
- Art exhibition “How do you imagine Europe?”
- Sports competition with the participation of families.


A selection of key events organised by:

Ministry of Education
- International film festival “Listopad” , Minsk, November 2004, 2005;
- International Conference “The Place of Art in Culture and Education: contemplating intellectual development”, Minsk, December 2004;
- 3rd International Festival of Choreographic Arts “Sozhski khorovod”, Gomel, September 2005.

Ministry of Culture
- 14th International Festival of Arts “Slavianski bazar”, Vitebsk, July 2005;
- International Festival “Musical Autumn in Belarus”, Minsk, October-November 2004, 2005.

- Exhibition on the history of the sacred book “The Sarajevo Haggadah” – at the Council of Europe, Spring 2005.


- Concert by the Soloists of Zagreb concert, organised by the Ministry of Culture – December 2004.
- Round table on the significance of the European Cultural Convention, organised by the European House in Zagreb, in co-operation with the Ministry of Science, Education and Sport.
- Exhibition “Augusteum Naronae” – Croatian cultural patrimony: antique statues from the Roman temple of the Emperor Augustus – November/December 2005.
- The 23rd Zagreb Biennale and the International Days of Music – 15-24 April 2005
- Itinerant Exhibition of the set of posters of the Council of Europe Art Exhibitions (1954-2004)


- Exhibition of the set of posters of the Council of Europe Art Exhibitions (1954-2004), in the Musuem of Modern Art, Strasbourg.


- Contribution of the Greek Ministry for Culture to the publication of the book "Celebrating Europe at the dinner table : Food, culture and diversity"
- Patronage of the Greek Foundation Fanny Boutaris to the publication of the book "Celebrating Europe at the dinner table : Food, culture and diversity"
- Exhibitions of Polish photographers and of video projects within the frame of the Thessalonica Forum


- Symposium on Humanism in Europe, organised by the Congregation for Catholic Education.
- Exhibition within the framework of the 150th Anniversary of the Proclamation of the Dogma of the Immaculate Conception : Christian roots of European Marian culture, organised by the Pontifical Commission for the Cultural Heritage of the Church, Hall Braccio di Carlomagno, Vatican February-May 2005 ;

Council for Culture
- International conference on religious theatre, in cooperation with the Catholic University of Brescia, within the framework of the Festival of theatre and artistic and religious events Crucifixus, Rome, March 2005.
- 5th study session of “Catholicism and Literature in Europe in the 20th Century – a bridge between East and West”,Rome, May-June 2005
- International Conference and Festival of Spiritual Film in cooperation with the Venice Biennale,
- Meeting of the Heads of the Catholic Cultural Centres of the Mediterranean, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, 7-10 July 2005

International Prize Paul Claudel
Awarded during the Theatre Festival “Fondazione Istituto del Dramma Popolare”, San Miniato, July 2005.

- Abbeys and Monasteries at the roots of Europe. Identity and creativity - a dynamism for the 3rd millenium, edited by Paul Poupard et Bernard Ardura ; International symposium organised by the Pontifical Council for Culture in cooperation with the European Centre for Medieval Arts and Civilisation in Conques (France): Europe – a common heritage - Editions du Cerf, Paris, 2004.
- San Giorgio e il Mediterraneo, 2nd International Conference for the 17th Centenary, published by Pontificia Insigne Accademia di Belle Arti e Lettere dei Virmosi al Pantheon, “Aile Radici dell’Europa – Pellegrinaggio aile Fonti”, Vatican, 2004.


Association of Fortresses of Upper Hungary and the Treasury Property Directorate :
- “Friends of Fortresses”, Füzer, August 2004.


General Directorate of International Affairs of the Ministry for Education, University and Research:
- International Seminar “Citizenship and the European Dimension in Education” - Alghero,
22 -26 November 2004
- International Seminar “Teaching Languages in Schools in a Multicultural Society”, Cividale del Friuli, 25 -29 October 2004
- Celebration of the European Cultural Convention within the event of the European Year of Citizenship, early 2005.

Italian Cultural Institute of Strasbourg
- Exhibition on Giorgio De Chirico (reflecting the universal message of the art of a genius who belongs to humanity as a whole); under patronage of the Foundation of Giorgio and Isa De Chirico;
- Exhibition “Five pens for five Nobel prizes”; five architects dedicating five pens to five Nobel prize winners for Literature;
- The EuroMedFilm Festival, “A different vision”, an international festival dedicated to intercultural relations;
- Season of Classical Music: “Nouva Musica Italiana” and “Italy plays the East”
- Exhibition “Sicily: 12 months in 12 snapshots”
- Exhibition “Contaminations” by Sinisca (art as a universal means of communication).


Ministry of Education:
- 11th Academy of young painters, May 2005;
- Teachers and students from all over Lithuania gather in Klaipeda, in the “Eduardo Balsio” high school.
- Drawing and creative writing competition “Europe at School”, 5–10 May, 2005; internship for the winners of the “European Youth Gathering 2005” in Druskininkai.


A selection of key events organised by the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Culture, and the Ministry of Sport and Tourism:
- European Days of Culture, organised by the Council of Europe Office in Chisinau, with colleagues from Romania, Ukraine and Poland :
- Exhibition “European Blue – Young Generation”, the works of young artists from Moldova and Romania – September/December 2004.
- Exhibition of publications of the Council of Europe Office in Warsaw and Kyiv – the publications will be donated to the National Library and the Ukranian high school in Chisinau.
- Concert on the occasion of the 50th Anniversary of the European Cultural Convention, December, 2004.
- International conference “Culture and Civilisation in Southern Europe”, April 2005
- Folk Group Festival, April 2005.


Ministry of Culture and Church Affairs:
- Contribution to the publication of the book “Celebrating Europe at the table: Food, Culture and Diversity”.
- Contribution to the publication of the compendium on cultural policy in the member states: “Cultural Policies in Europe: a compendium of basic facts and trends”.


The host country of the Ministerial Conference of the opening ceremony for the celebrations of the 50th Anniversary of the European Cultural Convention.
- World conference on inter-religious dialogue, Warsaw, April 2005.
- see joint activities with Moldova.


The host country of the Ministerial Conference for the closing ceremony of the celebrations of the 50th Anniversary of the European Cultural Convention, Summer 2005.


- see joint activities with Moldova.


Ministry of Culture:
- Concerts - musical pieces by G. Verdi, performed within the 50th Košice Music Spring Festival by the Slovak State Philharmonic Orchestra Košice, Philharmonic Chorus from Brno, as well as by selected soloists conducted by Jerzy Swoboda from Poland, 12 May 2005
- Touring exhibition on cultural heritage, in cooperation with the Slovak National Museum in Bratislava,
- Days of European Cultural Heritage - 100 projects, concerts, performances, and exhibitions presented all Slovakia, 4-30 September 2004 - Opening Ceremony on 9-10 September 2004 at Lučenec


- see joint activities with Moldova.