Interviews and profiles
Irmela Mensah-Schramm
Teacher and human rights activist (Germany)
7 September 2009

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Bettina Hildebrand - Head of Communications German Institute for Human Rights, Berlin (Germany)
6 July 2009

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Miranda Vuolasranta - Executive Director of the National Finnish Roma Forum
6 July 2009

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Jozef De Witte - Director of the Centre for Equal Opportunities and Opposition to Racism (Belgium)
6 june 2009

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Ana Cruz
Board member of SOS Racismo (Portugal)
2 June 2009

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Krisztina Göntér
President of the Governing Board of the EPAS
13 May 2009

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Nadia Bellardi
Community Media Forum Europe (Switzerland)
11 May 2009

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Alexandros Koronakis
Editor - New Europe (Belgium)
4 May 2009

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Anniken Huitfeldt
Norwegian Minister of Children and Equality
20 April 2009

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Kathleen De Ridder
Coordinator of 'TrefMedia' Meeting Point for Media in Diversity (Belgium)
14 April 2009
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Holger Gustavsen
Taternes Landsforening (Norway)
8 April 2009

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Paul Deal, BBC
BBC Journalism Recruitment Project (UK)
26 March 2009

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Henry Bonsu
Colourful Radio Director (UK)
23 March 2009

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William Horsley
Association of European Journalists
16 March 2009

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Paul Deal, BBC
BBC Journalism Recruitment Project (UK)
16 March 2009

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Barbara Blake Hannah
Film-maker (Jamaica)
9 March 2009

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Piarra Kowar
Director of 'Kick It Out' (UK)
5 March 2009

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Serge Cwajgenbaum
Secretary General of the European Jewish Congress
12 February 2009

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Trond Thorbjørnsen
Leader of SOS Racism in Norway
3 February 2009

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Lilian Thuram (France)
January 2009

Jérôme Bouvier
Chairman of the Journalism and Citizenship Association (France)
9 October 2009

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Eva Smith Asmussen
President of the European Commission against Racism and Intolerance (ECRI)
16 April 2009

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Sunny Hundal
Editor, Asians In Media (UK)
25 May 2009

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Momodou Jallow
Equality for Afro-Swedes, Malmo, Sweden
30 March 2009

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