Dervis Konuralp

Dervis Konuralp - Swimmer (United Kingdom)

''I support the Anti-Discrimination Campaign because I wish to eradicate a disease which has no place in modern society. My whole life I have suffered from discrimination, having my disability seen before my abilities. I simply wish to be given a chance and to experience that one thing we all should have - a right to equality.''

The visually-impaired swimmer Dervis Konuralp, 29, has represented Great Britain at four Paralympic Games, World Championships and European Championships, winning a total of 35 medals. He has been the holder of the World Record in the 50m Butterfly for the S13 Category for the past five years.

As well as working for 'Sense' a blind and deaf organisation which helps people with such disabilities, Dervis is also a London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Ambassador, visiting schools, sports clubs and other events to encourage sports participation.