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Social Cohesion

Social Cohesion

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8-9 March 2011, Regional Meeting on reforms of the pension systems within the region: situation before the reform, reform directions, measures taken and planned and future perspectives

 Moves towards pensions reform in the UK   by Derek Coulthard

The importance of Occupational Pension scheme in the three-pillar System in Germany and Perspectives for Turkey  (TURKISH LANGUAGE)   by Tonis Reimo

Pension Systems in Central and Eastern Europe in time of crisis, Austerity and Beyound   by Kenichi Hirose

Present situation and Future Steps Reform of Pension Scheme in Serbia  by Milos Nikac

EU Green Paper on Pensions  by Leendert Van Driel

 Welcoming remarks and overview of the Turkish Social Security Reform Process (TURKISH LANGUAGE)   by Ahmet Acikgoz

Overview of the Pension Reform in the Republic of Croatia and Future Perspectives  by Snjezana Balokovic