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Forum 2002: New social responsibility in a globalising world: the role of the state, the market and civil society

This Forum which was held in Strasbourg, in October 2002, was based on a global concept of social responsibility addressing questions of the legitimacy and redefinition of social responsibilities and aimed at constructing new dynamic structures, frameworks and tools in order to achieve this.
In particular the Forum attempted to understand how the complexity of situations and actors change and fragment the roles both in the public and private sphere.

Following the opening address by Council of Europe Secretary General, Walter Schwimmer, leading international figures in the social field from both governmental and non-governmental sectors, such as Barbara Labuda, Polish Secretary of State for social and cultural affairs and Nicole Notat, former Secretary General of the French trade union CFDT, discussed various aspects of the social responsibility concept.

The Forum focused on the following themes:
A framework to promote social responsibility in a global world
Governments and social responsibility of enterprises
Governance and corporate social responsibility
Europe 's international social responsibility

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Trends in social cohesion Volume N°6 - The state and new social responsibilities in a globalising world
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Trends in social cohesion Volume N°6 - Civil society and new social responsibilities based on ethical foundations
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